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Privacy - August 31st, 2020

Cultivate USA Inc. (“Cultivate”) products include our web extension (“Extension”), our mobile application (“Mobile App”), and our website (“Website”) which allow users to search products made or manufactured locally.

In order to provide alternative products while you’re shopping, Cultivate collects information through our Extension, Mobile App, and Website directly from your input. Cultivate gives you the option of creating an account with us so you can favorite and save items you like, amongst other soon-to-come features. If you do not wish to access such features and just want to shop, an account is not required, just download our Extension through the Chrome Web Store or Mobile App from the Apple Store for free.

We collect information while you have our Extension and/or Mobile App downloaded, such as:

This information allows us to offer you our services, perform tests around the quality of our product, ensure we’re handling errors that you may see, and prevent fraud. Additionally, we may use it for marketing and communication purposes or understand how users interact with our products, emails, and other communication.

Cultivate does not collect data from your search history, emails, or websites that are not retail or e-commerce related where you can be shown alternatives of US made or manufactured products. On an anonymous basis, we will gather information on items being searched the most similar to all e-commerce websites for better user experience, analytics, and feature development for our users. We do not collect credit card or bank information.

On e-commerce and retail sites, Cultivate collects the name of the retailer and page views. We’ll also collect information on products being viewed the most, anonymously. This information helps us display meaningful information to our users and enhance our product utility.

Like the majority of online services, Cultivate uses cookies to collect the aforementioned information which helps us analyze user engagement, build more product features, and a more optimized user experience for product searches. Other uses of cookies for us include paying third parties or receiving commissions from third parties for helping users find our product and vice-versa.

Cultivate does not collect personally identifiable information on its users and does not engage in soliciting information from minors knowingly. Some products may be adult products, please do not attempt to use our services for such products if you’re under the age of 18 or considered a minor. If we are made aware we have collected any such information of a minor, we will immediately and permanently delete such information.

This policy may change from time to time and we will notify you of those changes here with the date of our policy on top.

By using our Website, Mobile App, and Extension, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy.


A: We take a variety of approaches and do not simply rely on what a product label or profile tells us. Our processes are built to due diligence various databases and sources in order to verify that claims are correct. We use a mix of technological and manual research to build our proprietary product catalogue from which our users see locally made products.
A: We recognize that not every product has a US made alternative or that sometimes the US made alternatives can be prohibitively expensive. We don’t think that this should keep you from being able to help out your community, so when you activate Pay It Forward while shopping on one of our partner sites, a percentage of your total order value will be donated to a charity helping your community at no additional cost to you.
A: Cultivate operates on an affiliate model, meaning we earn a commission from the sales we drive to our partner sites. When shopping with Pay It Forward, we take a percentage of the affiliate commission we earn from your order and donate it to the charity you have selected.
A: We pick charities based on our mission which is to grow local manufacturing and communities which helps add jobs, offset carbon emissions, better our socioeconomic conditions, and infrastructure - all of which help create a better future for generations to come.
A: While you don’t have to make an account to use the Cultivate extension, you’ll be missing out on the Cultivate rewards program if you aren’t signed in. For every $50 you help us donate using Pay It Forward, you will earn $25 cash back - we call it Cultivate Karma.
A: When you reach $50 donated in your account, we will send you your $25 cash back reward through PayPal. If PayPal is not something that works for you, we will make sure to use the best method to get you your reward.
A: In order for Pay It Forward to work, we need to check if the website you’re visiting is in our partner network. We’re not storing or tracking this data, so rest assured that your data is not at risk.
A: We do not gather any personally identifiable information to distribute to any third parties. We simply receive data around what’s being searched anonymously so we can further build our product and features. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.
A: No, our entrepreneurs are creative and require various materials and resources from around the globe that sometimes are not made here. Our mission, however, is to ensure our companies and visionaries develop the product locally so we can bring back our manufacturing jobs.
A: Please tell us through our Contact Us section and we will get back to you after looking into the product(s) further. Some claims vary and can change as more data becomes available. We appreciate feedback from our users, good or bad, as we’re here to make your shopping experience fulfilling.
A: If your product fits our criteria, simply send us a note through our Contact Us section and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours for confirmation and/or additional details we require. Alternatively if you have a Shopify store, you can install our Shopify app to submit your products to us directly and join our Pay It Forward program.