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No buyers remorse here! We'll find you the best prices that can be shipped faster or picked up locally, for free. On top of that, you earn free cash back!

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    It's the trifecta: the best prices sourced while you browse, free coupons applied directly at time of purchase, and free cash back at the end of each purchase!

Find the best prices on everything

Leave all the leg work to us as we identify what you’re shopping for and show you the best price on the same item or lower prices on similar items while you shop.

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See local options on Amazon

Shop on Amazon as you normally would and see local alternatives you can pick up the same day at better prices! The easiest way to support local jobs and your community.

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Earn free cash back as you shop online.

We work with over 20,000 stores so you don't have to change any shopping habits! We’ll let you know when you’re shopping with a partner and get your cash back rewards seamlessly.

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Shopping on Amazon?

Learn where the products and sellers you’re viewing are actually coming from. More than half of Amazon sellers are based overseas.

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Searching on Google?

When you’re searching on Google, the Cultivate badge will tell you if the search result is from one of the over 20,000 trusted stores we’re partnered with.

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All time leaderboards.

Compete for the most cash back over time and we'll drop prizes for the biggest shopping spree every now and then!

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The more you shop, the more we give to you.

You can earn as much as 50% cash back at certain stores. On average, users receive 3% cash back on purchases across 20,000 stores.

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You can also donate your cash back.

With just a couple clicks you can donate to any cause you believe in. We’ve done our homework to partner with and support hundreds of reputable charities you can trust.

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Once Cultivate is added to your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser, you will be able to activate the Cultivate extension on our partner sites through a small window that appears in the top right corner of your browser or by clicking the Cultivate icon in your tool bar. This window will tell you how much you can earn in cash back from this partner. When you click the button to activate, a new tab will open to make sure we can track your purchase and provide the corresponding cash back to your Cultivate wallet. From there, all you have to do is shop like you normally would.

Cultivate operates on an affiliate model, meaning we earn a commission from the sales we drive to our partner sites. When shopping with Cultivate, we take a percentage of the affiliate commission we earn from your order and credit it to your Cultivate account so you can redeem it for cash or donate to a charity of your choice.

While you don’t have to make an account to use the basic features of the Cultivate extension like seeing information about Amazon sellers, you will not be able to earn cash back or pick charities to send cash to without an account. You can use your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts to sign in if you do not want to make an account with Cultivate directly.

On Amazon, Cultivate will provide you with information about the brand and seller of the product you’re viewing such as where the brand is headquartered and where the seller is located. We aim to make your Amazon shopping experience as transparent as possible. Cultivate will also provide you with alternative options for stores selling similar products that are in our partner network so you can earn cash back.

In order to let you know if the website you’re shopping on is in our partner network, we need to be able to check the domain of the websites you visit. We do not store or track any of this data, so your information is not at risk.

No, we rely on our partner merchants to report to us when orders are made which can sometimes take anywhere from 24-48 hours. Once the order has been reported to us, the cash back you have earned will appear in your wallet as pending until the order is paid to Cultivate.