We've made it easier than ever to find affordable drugs

Stop overpaying for prescription medications. Through a partnership with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs, Cultivate helps you save over 90% on your prescriptions.

Cutlivate & Cost Plus

Cultivate x Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

Cultivate and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company are partnering to make a difference in your community and your wallet.

  • Full transparency

    We are committed to consumer transparency. This is why Cost Plus makes sure you know your medication manufacturing costs.

  • Lower Medication Costs

    Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company cuts out the middlemen and passes the savings directly to you. All medication sold by Cost Plus is sold at only 15% above manufacturing costs.

  • Changing the drug industry

    We make sure you know the drug manufacturing costs and margins, making it harder for other pharmacies to overcharge for drugs. We believe this will be the first step to making affordable medication available for all.

Cultivate shows you where you can save

Just look for the Cultivate notification on pharmacies like Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and more. With a few clicks, we'll help you save up to 90%.

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