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Armbrust Ear Savers - 5 Pack

by Armbrust USA

Ear Saver Deal!

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Not only do we believe every American should have access to medical-grade face masks at a great price, but we also want those masks to have an ideal fit.

Armbrust American Ear Savers are intended to provide a better, more comfortable fit by pulling a mask’s ear loops back behind the head. Simply place each of the nylon ear loops around the groves on either side, and then adjust the mask accordingly.

Our cutting edge, beyond clean, Texas facility is working at full speed around the clock to produce damn-near perfect masks -- and now we’re able to offer you a custom fit.


✓ Compatible with Armbrust Surgical Masks & Pediatric Medical Masks 

✓ 5 individual ear savers

✓ Adjustable, for a secure fit

✓ Enhanced comfort around the ears

✓ Made in America 

✓ Hypoallergenic

✓ Free Shipping

Buy now from Armbrust American

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