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by FluidStance


Two-in-one laptop riser and whiteboard. 

Meet Lift™, our two-in-one personal whiteboard and laptop riser that improves the ergonomics of your workspace—and your comfort—by raising your laptop to the ideal height for viewing as a primary or secondary monitor. Made of 100% steel, it is built to last and extremely durable.

Have you had days where you find it hard to focus while working? We don’t always notice that the culprit may be the messy desk we are sitting at. Lift helps you declutter from your workspace to improve your overall focus and productivity all while freeing up space on your desk.

With its integrated whiteboard, Lift gives you a premium, smooth surface to jot down notes in real-time. The reusable whiteboard surface eliminates the need for paper notes, removing clutter and reducing your eco-footprint.

Perfect for any office, Lift works great on your standing desk, raising your laptop to eye level so you can say "Goodbye!" to neck strain. Easily transition between screens where you can reference your laptop for instructions, how-to videos, or even your favorite shows, all while taking notes. Become a master multi-tasker with Lift.

Lift was designed to seamlessly integrate with Raise, our premium desktop monitor shelf, as well as our other desktop whiteboard products Slope and Wall.

Lift has silicone grommets on the base to hold itself in place and protect your desk surface, while a thoughtfully placed felt pad, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, allows for a soft and silent surface connection with your laptop.

As with all of our products, Lift was developed and manufactured with sustainability and a lifetime-of-use in mind. Made from 100% solid steel and powder-coated using a low-emissions process.

Made in California of domestic and imported materials.

Includes a dry-erase marker in a microfiber eraser pouch. No assembly required.

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