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Child/Youth Basic Sheepskin Innersoles



FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada. Free international shipping when ordered with a shoe.

One pair of our soft sheepskin innersoles for children's shoes and slippers to keep feet protected, dry and comfortable. Sheepskin's natural wicking action pushes away moisture to keep feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter. You can add these innersoles to any of our shoes that are made with plain suede innersoles.

Need innersoles in a larger size? Check out our adult basic sheepskin innersoles. Adult size 5U is the next size up.

How to glue Basic Sheepskin Innersoles into your shoe:

  1. Check for fit before gluing. When inserted into your shoe, the innersole should reach the front edge without bunching or leaving a gap. Wrinkles can lead to permanent creases, so make sure it lays flat.
  2. If your innersoles are too big then you can cut away the excess with scissors. If it helps, turn your shoe upside-down and lay the innersole on the outside of the sole to see where you need to trim. Please note that trimmed innersoles are non-returnable.
  3. Once fitted, add a drop of adhesive to the leather underside of your innersole, where the ball of your foot would lie. It only takes a small dab of glue to keep the innersole in place, and most household glues or double-sided tape work great.
  4. Fold the innersole lengthwise (like a taco) with the glue on the outside and carefully slide it into the shoe. When you are sure the innersole is placed properly, press down firmly on the sheepskin over the glue or tape.
  5. Lift up the back of the innersole and add adhesive to the underside of the heel. Press into place.
  6. Let the shoes sit overnight before wearing, or as long as your glue needs to set. Re-glue as needed.

Made in USA

This product is American-made.