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Songer Claw-Care XL Scratching Post

by Tucker Murphy™ Pet

This 35% more pad!! what's our difference? What sets us apart? It's all in the Pad! Our pad provides the most beneficial material available for your cat's claw & paw maintenance. It was chosen specifically for its soft yet abrasive texture that satisfies your cat’s need to scratch. It even assists in the much-needed sheath removal. (which other materials do not) This unique texture entices them to scratch on it rather than your furniture. It is extremely durable, virtually mess-free (no residue for your cat to ingest) and It comes in three gorgeous color choices. We utilize beautiful real wood materials and heavy-duty glue & screw construction for a product that will last for many years of extreme use!. The line-up truly is an awesome piece of feline furniture. We design everything from your cat's point of view!. Our priority is what is best for your cat, not for our wallet. Kitty approved! People appreciated!.


  • The is thoughtfully put together with your cat’s actual needs and tendencies in mind!. We emphasize nurturing your Feline’s health & well-being.
  • The pad utilizes the most beneficial surface materials made that offer resistance for needful sheath removal and is somewhat abrasive to sharpen as well as wear down their claw tips to the perfect length.
  • With it’s flat, heavy configuration your cat can scratch comfortably & securely
  • It will enhance & satisfy your kitty’s natural instinct to scratch
  • And it has a replaceable Long-lasting, non-mess producing Scratch Pad insert (unlike cardboard or sisal rope)

Product Details

  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Cover Material: Carpet
  • Freestanding: Yes

Multiple Cats

  • Number of Cats: 2

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