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Invigo Sit-Stand Desk

by Copeland Furniture

  • Made In USA
  • Ideal for the design savvy and health conscious, Copeland Furniture introduces the Invigo Sit-Stand Desk. Made from Solid American Hardwood, the desk allows for 3 programmable positions and smooth operation thanks to the of the dual motor lift base. A built-in wire pass allows you to keep wires and plugs organized. The modern design of the Invigo makes it ideal for a home office setting.

    For over 35 years, Copeland Furniture has been crafting heirloom quality furniture. At their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bradford, Vermont, the family owned and operated company uses the latest technology along with traditional handcrafting to produce modern classics from sustainably harvested hardwoods. Their natural hardwood furniture features original designs inspired by their New England surroundings with influences in Shaker, Mission, and the Arts & Crafts design movements. It is this combination of elements that characterizes furniture of classic proportion and modern simplicity in Copeland Bedroom, Dining, Home Office and Occasional collections. Copeland uses traditional cabinetmaking techniques in their factory where maple, cherry, and walnut lumber is cut, sanded, and hand-selected for each piece of furniture. An assembly team devotes special care and attention to ensure that all the joinery is clean, flush, and smooth to the touch. They are committed to building furniture with the best materials and workmanship available today; furniture that will be handed down for future generations to use daily and to enjoy its enduring beauty for years to come. And thoughtful construction goes beyond technique and materials. This is a company that seeks to reduce its environmental impact, from its initiative to produce water born, formaldehyde free top coat finishes to reduce VOC emissions at the factory and off-gassing at the home to its commitment to using only lumber which comes from within 500 miles of the manufacturing facility, reducing fuel consumption and emissions from transportation. Copeland Furniture complies with Vermont's strict regulations on air quality emissions, hazardous waste, worker safety, and storm water runoff. They work to recycle and reduce packaging material and volatile solvents. They participate with the New England power pool to generate their own electricity during peak usage times, helping to reduce the capacity requirements of the electric utility companies. Copeland Furniture is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, was awarded Silver Exemplary Membership Status by Sustainable Furnishings Council (FSC), and was a recipient of the 2009 Sage Award for Environmental Excellence sponsored by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA).

    • Wire management included
    • Edged top profile allows a more modern design
    • 3 programmed height positions with a doubled motor lift can be customized to one or more users
    • Double motor sit-stand desks operates smoother and can accommodate a large load
    • Made using connectors and crafted methods, lumber is selected, sanded and built by hand to make sure all joinery is clean, flush, and smooth
    • Many coats of hand applied varnish is applied and sanded giving lasting protection stain-proof, moisture rings, heat damage and abrasions |
    • Formulas of finishes are to meet Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards for completing an intense battery tests simulating years of typical household use
    • Proven performance in meeting a range of specific sustainability measures: Silver Exemplary Membership Status by Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC)
    • Awards: Sage Recipient - recognition of environmental accomplishments within the home furnishings industry
    • Natural markings are characteristics that contribute to the natural beauty of finely crafted hardwood furniture
    • The woods color may change from exposure to direct light and wood color will deepen over time and take on a warm glow and soft patina
    • Solid wood features natural variations and hand-applied finishes make each piece unique
    • Solid wood has slight grain and finish irregularities as well as subtle differences in stain shades are signs that the furniture has been finely crafted and are of hallmarks of quality
    • Ships assembled in plug and play condition
    • Manufactured In: USA
    • Greenguard Certified (meets strict low chemical emissions standards)
    • Top Finish: Autumn Cherry, Cognac Cherry, Natural Cherry, Natural Walnut, Saddle Cherry, Sand Ash, Seared Ash, Smoke Cherry, Soaped Ash, Taupe Ash, Weathered Ash
    • Black, White leg
    • Solid Hardwood (Wood type dependent on top finish selected)
    • Metal frame
    • 26 Inch x 48 Inch Item: W 48 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 26 in , Wgt 50Lbs
    • 26 Inch x 60 Inch Item: W 60 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 26 in , Wgt 75Lbs
    • 26 Inch x 72 Inch Item: W 72 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 26 in , Wgt 90Lbs
    • 30 Inch x 48 Inch Item: W 48 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 30 in , Wgt 60Lbs
    • 30 Inch x 60 Inch Item: W 60 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 30 in , Wgt 85Lbs
    • 30 Inch x 72 Inch Item: W 72 in , H Adj From 25 in , Adj To 51 in , D 30 in , Wgt 100Lbs
    More Information:
    • To preserve the beauty of the finish, simply clean the surface of the furniture with a soft damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Care over the years to come will not require oil, polishes, or cleaners.

    3048-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-33-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-57-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-53-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-56-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-55-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-58-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-43-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-04-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-03-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-23-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-54-B-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-33-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-57-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-53-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-56-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-55-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-58-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-43-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-04-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-03-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-23-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3048-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3072-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2672-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2648-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 3060-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N, 2660-RRA-SQ-54-W-N-N-G-N-N-N. + More

    CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

    California Proposition 65

    WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

    Proposition 65 de la Californie

    AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez

    Prop. 65 de California

    ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite

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    Made in USA

    This product is American-made.

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