Cultivate Influencer Program Policy

The Service

The Cultivate influencer platform allows for becoming an Influencer for American-made products that Cultivate conducts research on and provides on our platform. We enable you to become an influencer and make an impact on local economies and communities directly while earning commission. The terms and conditions of this platform are set out below.

These links we allow you to create are solely meant for social media or blogs, not for keyword tagging, Google ads, or other forms of paid marketing. We do not allow for posts that are derogatory or contain language that is not considered appropriate. Further, no prographic content, hateful speech or content, religious content, political content, illegal activities, or duplication of other websites.

You acknowledge that:

  1. Cultivate may from time to time and with immediate effect add or remove certain products from our platform based on availability. These links can then be regenerated and used by you as needed.
  2. From time to time, commission rates may vary, which impact total revenue.
  3. Certain products may become unavailable as our third party partners either remove their product or affiliate program.
  4. You’ll be notified of these changes through your profile as inactive products will be removed.
  5. Our third party partners may request certain links to be removed and you agree to remove such links if notified by us within five (5) working days.


  1. You shall be entitled to the following percentage of commissions less any Chargebacks (see below).
    1. 50% of net commissions generated for Cultivate.
  2. The calculation of commissions is performed by our third party partners and communicated to you as we receive it.
  3. Our third parties can refuse to pay based on fraud, keyword bidding, etc. which we do not allow for in this program.

Payment Terms

  1. You will be paid your part of commissions minus Chargebacks after our third parties clear commissions on a monthly basis. These payments can take 45-65 days to finalize from our third parties.
  2. Once Cultivate receives payment from its third parties, we will pay you within 30 days of such payment.
  3. Our minimum payment threshold is $50. If you have cumulative commissions of less than $50 at time of payment, we will carry the amount owed into the next month until you have earnings of $50 or more.
  4. Payments will be made via PayPal.
  5. Any taxes owed on payments by you are your responsibility, we will issue you the requisite tax documents based on your total earnings.


  1. In some cases, our third party partners will Chargeback commissions if certain circumstances exist:
    1. Sale was not a bona fide transaction
    2. products bought were returned
    3. transaction was fraudulent
  2. In the event of a Chargeback, your commissions in your profile will be reduced accordingly. You acknowledge and accept that we cannot appeal Chargebacks and have no further information on them from our third parties.
  3. You acknowledge that commissions are subject to chargebacks.


Cultivate reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. If you’d like to be removed from the platform, you may write to us at [email protected] to terminate this agreement if you’re taking part in the influencer platform. At point of termination, you must remove all product links generated through our platform from all content. If accrued commissions are less than the minimum payment threshold at time of termination, Cultivate will pay such accrued commissions no later than three (3) months after termination.